Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Only Trust Him

I love formula-free parenting! It's opposite is guilt-induced and fear-directed parenting.

It is so neat to wake up each day, and trust God as I take each step. It is easy sometimes when I am reading a book to little man instead of washing the pile of dishes in the sink to think that I am "wasting" my time. What a lie from Satan!!! It is easy when I am taking care of my son's needs, whether they be mental, physical, or emotional, to wonder how I will ever finish the never-ending list of household chores. But when I choose to trust God, to invest in my son, and not to worry, my tasks get completed without sacrificing my son's needs, and I don't even know how I managed to do it all.

Let us endure in trusting Him each day over the lies of the enemy.


  1. thanks for sharing this, it was encouraging to me

  2. Pearl, so glad it was encouraging to you! It is something that I need to keep in mind every day!