Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big Changes Ahead

It is about time I blog. Yes, I DID say that I was going to reformat my blog, and I am still going to do that! I appreciate all of yall's patience. Hubby and I ordered a new camera, so I am hoping to start adding pictures to the blog. But that is not the biggest change--we are going to be moving our little family to Bolivia in May! 

I am so excited to continue sharing with you all my parenting journey from Bolivia! In January, when a mission organization known as DM2 (begun by my dad) asked us to go to Bolivia as missionaries, we deliberated for a long time. It is HARD to consider uprooting your children to a place where there are infectious diseases, where other children speak a completely different language, where there are no libraries with free programs and fun books. BUT, we decided that bringing our children along on a journey of extreme faith in a FAITHFUL God would indeed be a priceless gift for our little ones. And when we think of what we want our children to be one day: men and women of confident faith, who love and serve others, going to Bolivia and ministering to fellow believers there, sharing grace with them, is SO EXCITING!

So, hopefully you all will bear with me, and continue to follow my blog amidst sporadic postings. We will make our move in May, so I may not have many posts that month, but in the months to follow, I plan to post at least twice a month, as we will have some internet access.

God be with you with you all this week! Keep looking to Him for wisdom as you parent! 

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